Enhancing Life with Healthy, homemade bread. Panasonic released its first bread maker in 1986, and now the latest models have incorporated many additional baking modes to ensure you enjoy healthy bread using a variety of ingredients.

Bread Matters

Find out why the bread we eat – and the way we make it and share it – matters. Learn how easy it is to bake your own bread for real.

Real Baking with Rose Levy Beranbaum

Visit her website for advice on baking bread – “The quality of bread crust is not determined only by the type of bread being baked. There are glazes and toppings that can help to achieve a range of textures from soft and velvety to crisp and crunchy”.

Caroline’s Real Bread Company

Specialises in making breads from around the world, they offer a range of bread making and business courses. Aimed at the absolute beginner who wants a gentle introduction to making bread, through to those who are seriously considering having their own bakery and who require a master class in all aspects of baking and business start-up.


A useful site with everything you want to know about baking.