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Brilliant device –
This slicing board is a brilliant device; fits the Panasonic bread maker loaves perfectly. We used it successfully on first attempt to slice a very fresh soft loaf straight from the bread maker.
Beautifully made, high quality and the knife is excellent quality too. Highly recommend it – arrived quickly, beautifully packaged. Great company. Thank you .

Derek W

Best thing since sliced bread! –
Best thing since sliced bread! Honestly, it’s ace! even my son can use it, and he’s a right muppet.

Just buy one you won’t regret it!

Derek W

The only way to describe this is “amazing”! –
The only way to describe this is “amazing”! With the increase of baking bread in our home, it was decided that some method of very quick & reliable slicing might be worthwhile. After a long search, we reached this gem. One view of the video and both my husband and I were sold. Since its arrival, along with the fantastic knife, it has been used regularly. The concept and design are both simple and brilliant. The items perform exactly as shown in the video.

Conclusion – a brilliant item and well worth purchasing.

Derek W

Not enough superlatives –
The board is simplicity itself to use and I wonder that I’ve never come across the innovative design previously in my eight decades! Despite having a number of knives I also decided to treat myself to the extra length accompanying knife which, with its broad blade, is a delight to handle.

I only wish I’d found them sooner!

Derek W

I’ve spent a fortune over the years on bread slicing gadgets. This is the one I should have started with. It’s fantastic, I’ve even sliced a barmcake into three! If you come across the Eezi-slice – don’t hesitate just buy it. I can also recommend the knife.

Tracey Riley

…struggled with breaking ineffective plastic gadgets…THIS WORKS LOOKS STUNNING AND WILL LAST A LIFETIME . DON’T HESITATE TO BUY !!!


WOW, this really works! –
Bought it for my hubbie as he loves his homemade bread but nothing he tried could help him get a perfect slice – till now, so easy to use, perfect slices every time and the quality of the product is very high, looks good enough to leave out on the worktop. Thanks guys for going the extra mile and making sure I got it in time for his birthday too.

Linda Hamilton

A masterful example of the functionality of simplicity. –
Most such devices are bulky, over-engineered, occupy too much counter space to be left up all the time and are annoyingly complicated to assemble.They also overly restrict the size of loaf they will accommodate.Eezi-Slice only requires that the height of the loaf be less than 12.5 cm, so it can be used to slice a sizable boule that will not fit in most devices.

You should have something to keep the board from sliding on the counter.A piece of non-adhesive shelf liner such as Gorilla Grip works well.

David M. Rowe

It works perfectly every single time –
The Eezi-Slice bread board is unique in what it does, the design is simple yet effective. The board has two sides which allows you to either cut a “thick” (19 mm) or a “thin” (12 mm) slice of bread (the maximum slice width is 127 mm). That’s the simple premise. If you follow the instructions (see image below), it works perfectly every single time. It’s easy to use and unexpectedly addictive! Read my full review at

The Bread She Bakes

Perfection –
There isn’t another manual bread slicer that can hold a candle to this one. Works exactly like you hope it would. It’s well made and attractive enough to leave on the kitchen counter if you like. It’s also very compact if you are limited on storage space. It was worth every penny to me. I love it.

Loretta Place

This is the best tool since sliced bread! –
I just cut my first home made bread from a panasonic machine. Couldn’t believe how accurate and simple it was. I have tried everything from electric slicers to cheap plastic slot covers from China and wasted a lot of money in the process of trying to find an answer to cutting a decent slice of bread. I wish I had owned one of these years ago, not only would I have had an easier life, but I would be richer into the bargain. Five stars plus!!!!

Kathleen McKirkle

Brilliant! –
Great product, perfect with Panasonic bread maker. Need long knife then easy to cut perfect slices


Great –
Works great and not so flimsy like the plastic ones


Perfect –
The best and simplest bread slicing tool


and looks good in the kitchen with handy hanging –
Does the job. and looks good in the ktichen with handy hanging loop


Great solution for slicing home made bread –
Great product, one of those designs that just works. The wood is very nice and looks good in the kitchen. Previously we had real problems slicing our home made bread especially when fresh but this board is just perfect and with no moving parts it will not wear out.

bike girl

Simple and effective –
This is easy to use and looks nice and works well. It needs a 7 or 8 ” knife to cut with, but works well even on newly baked bread. It takes a panasonic loaf too!


First time in my life I can slice bread evenly –
Works brilliantly. A really clever design that does what it’s meant to. I was worried it might be too narrow, but bread made in my (Panasonic) bread-maker fits perfectly.

It’a a bonus that it is also very good looking.

Libby Hall

Eezi-Slice –
I never could cut a straight slice! It’s a great idea. I consider the thin slice thick and the thick slice a doorstep! If you need a really thin slice for sandwiches you can always place some cardboard on the board, it needs a little experimentation.


Perfect Simplicity –
Couldn’t be simpler, nothing to go wrong and it works a treat, exactly as in the online video.
I paired mine with a “Kuhn Rikon” 10.5inch breadknife. Another excellent quality item — the extra length comfortably spanning the eezi slice board for easy operation.

Now perfect slices from my “Panasonic” bread, every time.


Five Stars –
brilliant bread slicing board, thick or thin easy to use

Dexter Anslow

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