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Leaving bread to cool properly before cutting it is really important, no matter how tempting it might be to grab the knife and cut a crispy hot crust. However, the smell of a fresh loaf resting in the kitchen sometimes proves too much, I’m sure we have all been there and cut a slice or two while the bread is still warm. The Eezi-Slice bread slicing board makes the cutting of warm fresh bread much easier. It is very difficult not to ruin a warm bread loaf as it usually squashes out of shape if you hold or apply too much pressure to it whilst slicing; this is why using a bread slicing guide such as the Eezi-Slice makes it much easier, potentially preventing your knife from snagging and ripping your fresh bread loaf as you carefully slice it between the guides of the bread slicing board!
A sharp serrated plain blade knife without a fork end will deliver a clean, effortless slice and is best for bread slicing. A knife with a fork end can actually shred the bread as it slices through resulting in messy bread slices. A short blade length can produce the same undesirable results, hence the longer the knife blade - the cleaner the slice. The “Eezi-slice Broad Blade knife” is perfect with its 10 ½” serrated blade, as our knives have an extremely sharp serrated edge so care is recommended when handling and storing these knives. Slicing homemade bread can be quite difficult, but by using the the Eezi-Slice bread slicing board and Broad Blade serrated knife you'll soon be slicing bread like a pro.
The Eezi-Slice Breadboard is designed to fit all standard sized breadmachines. If you are unsure whether your bread machine will fit, call our UK hotline on 01685 887 196 or contact us via this website or our official Facebook Page
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